Here is a small selection of Commercials I've worked on over the past few years. You will find a written breakdown on this page of the work I did on them plus a link to the video


Sainsburys Official Christmas Advert 2015

This was such a great ad to work on with Framestore commercials. I was responsible for the lighting and rendering setup using Maya/Arnold for around 9 shots. I worked on textures in Mari and look developed in Arnold to match existing props on set. This was for two assets which interact with the cg character.

I setup PTGui batch scripts to stitch all of the 360° HDR images together and processed them in Nuke to colour match them to the background plates. Every room in the plate had several lighting conditions depending on the time of day in the shot. We also came up with a method to map the static HDR images back onto the 3D environment allowing us to render out a 360° camera to follow the action of the character. This was in turn used to light the 3D character as it travelled through each lighting environment, it worked really well!


Nike Risk Everything 2015

During this project I was working as a Lighting TD and did some generalist tasks too.

I got involved in modelling and texturing some set props, laying out environments and then taking those into lighting and rendering with Softimage/Arnold. There were a lot of problems to solve and I found that being a lighting artist meant that I was in a good position to filter problems pre and post lighting. This gave me a great understanding of the pipeline and always fed this information back to the lead artists on the project so that improvements could be made.

Such a great team of artists were involved in making this an amazingly successful promotion, please click below to watch the final video.


Honda Jazz 2010

At the end of 2010 I was part of the team finishing off this Honda Jazz commercial at Nexus productions, under instruction from directing duo Smith & Foulkes. I was with the project quite early on doing 3D particle tests using 3D Studio max and krakatoa.

I worked on the 3D interaction particles of the characters and the background environment e.g. dust kicked up by footsteps and elements entering the 3D world. I did several fumefx simulations and rendered in 3DSMAX/Krakatoa.