I have been working on some test assets in Mari. Painting up textures for a rock and a tree, baking out maps from Renderman for AO and curvature

Here are the results of a figure sculpting course I attended. We had to measure from a live model and build a clay sculpture to scale

A test image I created when researching Corona render engine for 3DSMAX. Love the quality of lighting it can produce!

I designed and sculpted this mechanical clamp in Zbrush using hard surface techniques. I had to design it to open / close around a metal can

A client got in touch with me and asked if I could provide them with a 3D model of one of their sofa designs, texture and render it up for use on their website. This was 3DSMAX / Corona render

I worked with Nexus Interactive Director Sitraka Rakotoniaina to help concept and 3D model a 3D printed prototype of his design for a connected lamp. Here are some still images and a short making of video from Nexus Interactive Art

Some more info on the actual project can be found here and please spend some time looking at his other work! some great projects on there! http://sitraka.co.uk/r-d-connected-lamp/